Double date dating service

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Tandem suggests two-on-two get-togethers instead of one-on-one dates to find love.

Tandem's members designate a wing man or woman before asking another user — and his/her plus one — on a date.

While the concept might sounds slightly dodgy, Double – the latest dating app to rival Tinder – is actually aimed at shy singletons, who can’t face the thought of first date, after first date, after first date with random strangers.

The idea is that you sign up with your favourite wingman and choose couples together, then double date to take the awkward conversation out of all those first meetings.

The lack of personal information on such dating sites, however, raises the chances of disappointment when users meet up in the real world, and a larger gathering can provide a valuable escape hatch when things don't go to plan, according to Double.

Its app for Apple smartphones ( two friends anonymously check out photos of other pairs to spot potential matches, then get acquainted and make plans via group chat.

Mark Zuckerberg was nearly expelled from Harvard University for creating face-rating site Facemash before going on to start Facebook, the world's biggest social network.As well as being sold as the perfecting dating app for shy and retiring types, the inventors of Double also claim that it’s far safer, as you won’t be meeting strangers alone – you can also just bring a friend for support, even if they aren’t looking for love themselves.One of the Double co-founder, Gary Mac Donough said: ‘The dating world can be a tricky and stressful place, especially the all-important first date.But it hasn't all been plain sailing However they can now count one of Britain's most successful entrepreneurs as a backer after Nick Jenkins fought off offers from fellow Dragons Deborah Meadon and Touker Suleyman to win a share of the business.Follow @Canoe Lifestyle For the twenty-first century problem of how to move from a casual online encounter to a real-world one, a London-based website is proposing a very traditional solution: double dates.

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