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Many atrocities were perpetrated on Aboriginal communities because of these evolutionary beliefs.Incredibly, in the 1800s, it was not uncommon for Aboriginal people to be hunted and shot as specimens for science. The first Aboriginal settlers to Australia were descended from people as intelligent and inventive as any other culture at that time.

He anticipated that the ‘wilder races’ would become extinct because survival of the fittest meant they would be superseded by the evolutionarily-advanced ‘civilised’ races.

We compiled large lists of questions for each game, so it may be necessary to pear down your favorites, depending on your group size.

This groom's quiz featuring 21 questions will kick start any bachelorette party.

At your reception (or at your engagement party or co-ed bridal shower) after dinner and a few drinks have been enjoyed, sit back to back each holding one of your own shoes and one of your partners shoes.

Then someone asks you both a series of silly questions, you raise the correct shoe of who you think fits the answer the best and it turns into a hilarious he-said, she-said kind of thing. Images courtesy of: Michele Shore Photography Keep the questions light, funny and not too serious.

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An evolutionary view of human origins underlies the World Heritage listing of the Lake Mungo site.

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