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Posted by / 23-Oct-2017 08:50

I'm having difficulties with databinding on my custom user control (s).

I created an example project to highlight my problem.

But I don't mind refactoring if things can be done better.

Well, you have several options, you can create an event in Paint Object, and subscribe from dependency property change, you can bind to all properties by code, using Binding Operations, you can clone Poin Object as you did [email protected], hard to do recommendations without having hole logic in mind.

If you want to react to property changes, use the callback you already discovered.

Your console trace should be in there, not in the setter.

The Tab Item seems to be correctly bound to the view model, because the color combobox works as it should.

However, although the paint object is updated and Raise Property Changed("Paint Object") is called, the Dependency Property in Paint Canvas is never updated. I don't see that you change reference to Paint Object, you cahanged one of the properties of it(Color) and fire as Paint Object is changed, and since it is not, dependency property doesnt refresh As a solution, you can add Color dependency property in the Paint Canvas, and bind Color to Paint Object. Creating a new paint object instead of jsut changing the Color works fine, and I suppose that your suggestion of binding that specific property would also work.

Example Project Because Current Item is read-only, and it isn't a dependency property (so it cannot be bound to), and finally it does not implement INotify Property Changed so it is not useful for any sort of UI bindings.I should mention that the reason for two different view models are that there are actually many Tab Items that look the same.In my real application, I have a Custom Control that is bound to Paint View Model in this way, and the Paint Object is also more complicated.I am trying to bind a dependency property to a collection's current selection and for reasons I can't seem to grasp, the binding does not update when the collection changes. One is updating correctly (on the textblock/run), and the other only displays the initial element and doesn't change when the data grid selection changes.My dependency property in this example is "My Obj Model" on the "Update Not Working" dependency object which is instantiated from the xaml code.

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It is a textbox with a button which opens a Open File Dialog. So I have a Binding to my Dependency Property "File Name" to the property in my View Model.