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It was my bisexual quirk, my indulgent sexual taboo for as far back as I had sexual taboos, and I had more or less come to understand and even embrace my urge to periodically seek out and devour massive black dicks, even though I lived my life as and identified as a purely straight guy.

He must have been 6'4" at least, with a good 235 pounds of bulky muscle that bulged under a tight white wife beater.

So, here’s the thing: A black man in a dress is a political statement.

"What would yo daddy say if he seen his son suckin on a twel' inch black stick? I grabbed it by the base, my hand barely closing around its huge girth, and wobbled the eight or nine inches of black cock that jutted out from my hand around in the air, staring at it in giddy astonishment and laughing silently to myself in disbelief that just an hour ago he was nothing more than a tight black ass standing in front me me at a convenience store. He was standing back by the liquor coolers, grabbing tall cans of Steel Reserve from one of the freezer doors.

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Thug’s rapping is typically elemental, it defies categorization; explaining what Thug rapping sounds like describing the weather. He reins it in, later, capitalizing this new, darting rapping with his inextricably melody-laced, throaty delivery.

The end result is formless impressionism, a completely new delivery from a new breed of rapper that works about as well as it sounds.

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This small town girl headed west to California when she turned 18 years old, searching for black studs. From her use of the "N-word" to her hardcore performances, there's no surprise that Spring Thomas is world famout. Starting when she was 18 years old, Spring only satisfies the sexual needs of negros.

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