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Had Ed worked there, she explained, he’d have had to cede all decisions regarding Melissa to a higher-up as soon as things turned sexual between them. By the time of the seminar, the dean of the business school, Garth Saloner, had been involved with Phills’s estranged wife, Deborah Gruenfeld, a social psychologist and professor of organizational behavior there, for more than a year.

But even before it was time for questions, Phills was sufficiently skeptical to butt in. There was more laughter.“And your expectation would be that the provost or the general counsel, if something like this were to happen, Stanford would be concerned? And while Saloner had ostensibly removed himself from all decisions involving either Phills or Gruenfeld, Phills believed Saloner had remained enmeshed in his affairs, penalizing him professionally and injecting himself into his divorce and custody battles, all to drive him out of Stanford. For three months in the summer and fall of 2012, as the incipient romance between Saloner and Gruenfeld developed, Phills, either sitting at his home computer or manning one of his other electronic devices—including, in one key instance, playing with the cell phone his wife had asked him to fix—had monitored and preserved the e-mails, text messages, and Facebook chats between the two.

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